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Date: 25th May 2016
Ridal Piston Hydraulic Motor
Product Overview:XHM low speed large torque hydraulic motor is manufactured according to ltalian standard. Important parts are produced by machining center. All sealing parts and high strength socket head screws of XHM hydraulic motor areImported from Germany,Website:, Italy and Taiwan Province. Casting use material of nodular cast iron, so it make sure good product characteristics and quality.1. XHM hydraulic motor adopt eccentric crankshaft and five pistons. so it is with low noise.2. For XHM motor, starting torque s big and it can running stably with low speed.3. Flat distributor(proprietary technology) is simple and stable. And plastic sealing ring is used on piston, so that volumetric efficiency of XHM motor is high.4. Pin roller is used for holding between crankshaft and connecting rod , so that XHM motor has high mechanical efficiency.5. Transmitting shaft can bear load from radial direction and rotating direction is changeable.6. High specific power.Product Overview:We manufacture ltalian SAI motor for many years and base on that we develop new product of XHS hydraulic was tested by Shanghai Hydraulic Research Institute and be certified that combination property of XHS hydraulic motor is the same level as original hydraulic motor of SAI company of ltaly. XHS hydraulic motor includes all series and we already have mass production. After be used by customers from different industries for more than one year, all experience indicate that XHS hydraulic motor can supersede import product completely Characteristics after improving: Eliminate wearing oilless bearing and adopt hydrostatic equilibrium technology, so it prolongs motor working time and increase working pressure. Core parts of XHS motor are produced by pentahedron machining center. It makes very high machining accurate" increase more than 5% mechanical efficiency and reduce 10% noise. 00 revolution on traditional heat treatment technology and adopt new type of low carbon alloy steel to increase the strength of output shaft of the motor. This can final increase output torque of the motor. XHS motor has its own proprietary intellectual property rights and includes 3 proprietary technology .Its excellent combination property is obviously much higher than same type products of other Chinese manufacturers. Now XHS motor has been exported to North America and some European market. Application XHS hydraulic motor can be used on following application: Hydraulic system of Injection molding machine Light industry machine Construction equipment Metallurgical machine Mining equipment Railway equipment Barges equipment Environmental protection equipment Farm machinery Machine tool ? ?