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Date: 25th May 2016
Rexroth GFT Type Planetary Gearbox
Product Overview: GFT compact high speed reducer is an ideal part in transmission device. Because of compact structure,Website:, GFT reducer can be instalIed at most places. This model adopt advanced technology and processing method, so it provide high load capacity and make sure stable operation. GFT reducer is accord with standard of Bosch-Rexroth product and we can also design other similar products for replacing reducer of Brevini, Tejin, Nachi, KYB, Fairfiledand Sauer. Because we have strong creating and designing ability, so that we can provide consulting service to customer and help them to choose the optimal products. As per the design requirement, GFT reducer can connect with fixed or variable displacement hydraulic motor of Bosch-Rexroth. When necessary, it can also connect with other hydraulic motors. Multi-disc brake can be instalIed at input terminal when necessary. Static braking torque of the brake i8 matched with input torque of the hydraulic motor (usually static braking torque is 1.5 times bigger). according to different requirements, some reducer can be equipped with mechanical release clutch. So that other equipment can alsotow the reducer in emergency and prevent hydraulic parts being damaged. GFT reducer is widely used on following applications:. Mainlauxiliary winch of rotary drilling rig . Driver of apron wheel of rotary drilling rig . Mainlauxiliary winch of crawling craned. Driver of apron wheel of multifarious drilling rig. Driver for wheels of road roller and aloft work equipment. Power head and driver of milling machine and ?al mine tunneling machine. Crane driving system of ship crane, wharf hoist and container hoist GFT reducer has been used by Sany, XCMG and Zoomlion. And it also be exported to southeast Asian, India, Korea, Holland and Russia....