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Date: 25th May 2016
Rexroth GFB Type Planetary Gearbox
Product Overview:GFB reducer is an ideal speed reducing equipment for swivel table of crawler excavator,Website:, rotary drilling rig, auto crane, crawling crane and shipcrane. It can be mounted in equipment directly because of its compact structure. Saving space and convenient to do installation and maintenance Inside structure of GFB reducer adopt our new technology. Installing dimension and main parameters are nearly complete same as Bosch-Rexroth product. So it can be used to replace import product. GFB reducer is not only accord with standard of Bosch-Rexroth product and we can also designother similar products for replacing reducer of Bravini, Tejin, Nachi and KYB.Because we have strong creating and designing ability,so that we canprovide consulting service to customers and help them to choose the optimal products As per the design requirement, GFB reducer can connect withfix or variable displacement hydraulic motor of Bosch-Rexroth. When necessary, it can also connect with other hydraulic motors. Multi-disc brake can be installedat input terminal when necessary. Static braking torque of the brake is matched with input torque of the hydraulic motor (usually static braking torqueis 1.5 times bigger). GFB reducer is widely used on following applications : Wheel crawler excavator. Crawling crane, Rotary drilling rig. Shipcrane GFB reducer has been used by Sany and XCMG. And it also be exported to Southeast Asian, Middle East, India, Korea, Holland and Russia