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Date: 25th May 2016
Inner Curve Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor
Product Overview: XHAC motor is radial hydraulic motor. Its casing is fixed,Website:, but the oil cylinder/solid shaft rotate. The oil cylinder body is mounted on the roller bearing in the casting. Even number pistons are distributed in the hole of the oil cylinder. Oil distributor supply oil exactly to each piston and the pistons transmit power to cam rollers. When the hydraulic power work on piston, the cam roller will transmit the power to the bevel of cam ring. Because the cam ring is connected with casing body, so that it makes torque. ln such case,cam roller will transmit reacting force to the piston in the oil cylinder and cause rotating. The torque is in proportion to system pressure. System's main oil pipe connect with oil mouth A and C which are on the connecting body .And the oil drain pipe connect with oil mouth D1 , D2 and D3 which are on the connecting body. XHAC motor connect with main shaft of equipment through the solid shaft in the oil cylinder. And torque is transmitted through locking plate or male or female spline connecting. The symmetric design makes XHAC motor is possible to be used as double displacement motor. It means the motor can run at two different speed with fixed flow rate. Just need to mount a special valve on the connecting position of oil inlet flange to change the displacement.