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Date: 25th May 2016
Free Fall Hydraulic Winch
Product Overview:XHSLJ hydraulic ?winch is composed of oil distributor. XHS/XHM hydraulic ?motor Z brake. C reducer. reel and stand.The oil distributor include one-way balance valve. brake and high pressure shuttle valve. XHSLJ winch has its own valve group. So that it makes hydraulic system more simple and increases stability of the transmission device. The hydraulic valve group of XHSU winch solve the problem of empty hook vibrating and fall again during hoisting. So XHSU winch can lift and put down stably. When starting ?and ?working. XHSU winch is high efficiency. low energy consumption. low noise and beautiful form. Application XHSU hydraulic winch can be used on following application: Traction equipment of gravity crushing pedrail crane Automobile crane Pipe hoist machine Grab bucket Drilling machine with crushing function ? ?Product Model Example:XHSLJ3-20-40-14-ZP winch means:Modulus of planetary reducer is 3 Pulling force of 1st layer steel cable is 20kN Steel cable capacity is 40m Diameter of cable is 14mm It is with brake and one-way balance valve Pressure level is 16MPaProduct Type Description:Product Parameter Description:1.The total displacement of XHSJ hydraulic winch means the oil volume for driving the reel rotating one circle.2.Oil supply volume is the theoretical rate of flow of the pump station. It is calculated base on 90% system efficiency.3.Rope capacity means the theoretical maximum rope capacity of the winch. The actual effective rope capacity should consider that remaining 3 loops of steel wire unused. This is to prevent the rope disengaging from the reel. Website: