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Date: 25th May 2016
Electric Winch
Product Overview:XHDJ electric winch is driven by JZ2-H ship motor.XHDJ winch is composed of elastic coupling. potted gear reducer. exposed gear dog clutch and reel.It adopts electromagnetic brake and is equipped with manual band brake and manual clutch.XHDJ electric winch is with small volume. light weight. big hoisting capacity and easy to operate.JZ2-H ship motor is equipped wi1h automatic control cabinet and electromagnetic brake. 50 it is convenient to control in long distance and can give braking protection.JZ2-H motor is high protecting level of IP56 and sand and rain cannot damage the motor. 50 this motor is suitable for working outside.When dog clutch disengage,Website:, the empty hook can do free release. This increase a lot of working efficiency.When the winch stop working, the manual band brake can do brake to protect the exposed gear and reducer.There are 6 models of XHDJ electric winch for choice: XHDJ50, XHDJ1 00, XHDJ150. XHDJ200, XHDJ300, XHDJ400.Lifting weight is from 5 10 40 tons. Customized is available. Application XHDJ electric winch can be used on following application:ship crane Petroleum lifting equipment Mining lifting equipment port lifting equipment