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Date: 25th May 2016
Controllable Free Hydraulic Winch
Product Overview:The hydraulic winch is by the hydraulic valve,Website:, hydraulic motor, gear box drum , frame, in Rose clutch, holding brake parts composition;the winch lifting work, rose to hold. hold in loosen the oil. Lowering of the rose oil release, holding oil loose, so it has freedom of empty hook lowering function in the decentralization 01 freedom while adjusting the holding brake cylinder pressure, control emptyhook lowering speed, greatly improve the efficiency, reduce the energy consumption; stop working and holding brakes can be when the brake use, well protect the gear box and other components. The winch has the advantages of simple structure and durable.Widely used in heavy and dynamic compaction machine, piling machine, crawler crane and all kinds of marine equipment. XHLSJ part of the hoist is generally designed to be a normally closed form, but also according to customer requirements to design as often open.Product Model Example:XHLSJ60-150-22-ZP: The first layer of wire rope tension is 60KN, drum capacity is 150m, the wire rope diameter 20, with brake, one-way balance valve.