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Date: 25th May 2016
C Type Planetary Gearbox
Product Type DescriptionProduct Selection Example:(1 )XHSC hydraulic transmission device is allowed to work under high pressure.(2) Max. pressure for casing is 0.8MPa. If need bigger pressure,Website:, customizing is available.Hydraulic oil should be mineral base hydraulic oil. Good quality, anti foam and anti oxidation. ldeal oil temperature for(3), working is 30'C -50'C . Allowed oil temperature is .20'C -80'C . When oil temperature is lower than 10'C , please use Low.freeezing hydraulic oil. The viscidity of hydraulic oil is 40-60 CST(centistokes). The allowed viscidity is 5-300 C5T.Filtering precision of hydraulic oil should be not less than 25?m (?25?m).Hydraulic transmission device can running in two directions (clockwise and anticlockwise). 50 when place order to us,(4) please choose a running direction.(5) Position of oil drain. XHSC transmission device is allowed to mount in any direction. In order to make sure all parts insideof hydraulic motor are lubricated , it is required to fill hydraulic oil into the motor. The position of oil drain must make sure(6)casing of motor is full of hydraulic oil when running.selection of oil distributor. Different hydraulic transmission device can be equipped with different oil distributor accordingto working condition. When choose the 011 distributor, we have to consider working pressure, rotating speed ,flow volume,(7)?connecting method and requirement of the integrated valve group.Installation of oil distributor.?The direction of oil inlet and outlet of distributor is allowed to rotate with interval of 72?according to the installation and connecting position. After unscrew the bolt, if rotate the oil distributor, please be careful and don' t destroy the sealing function of the 0 ?ring.Note: XH hydraulic transmission device according to the working conditions and life can be selected respectively XHM, XHS,XHGS, XHCA, XHBD and other motors to meet the needs of different customers.